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Help me choose colours please (with photos)

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namechange364324 Sun 03-May-20 20:25:36

Help me choose lounge colours please.
We are wanting navy and gold paper on one wall, dulux sapphire salute on one wall, but we are stuck on the other 2. Do we got biscuity to tie in with the gold and our brown leather sofa, or do we go grey?
I would prefer grey but I’m not sure if grey would clash with the sofa. Sofa needs to stay as it’s practical with kids and dogs.
If it makes any difference we have oak sideboards and oak surround around the wood burner.
Flooring at the mo needs changing as it’s horribly orangey cheap shiny laminate that we inherited with the house.
Photos below show wallpaper, sapphire salute and brown sofa. None of the photos are of our actual house!

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namechange364324 Sun 03-May-20 20:28:01

I suppose brown sofa and grey walls would look similar to the below...

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natt256 Mon 04-May-20 18:33:53

Id go for a Taupe, its a browny grey.

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