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Tell me about your beds?

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BEDBUGBEAN Sun 03-May-20 13:55:17

I think we need to replace ours. We need kingsize and preferably with storage...

Tell me what's awesome about your beds, and where you got them from, please? grin Links to similar styles always welcome!

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okiedokieme Sun 03-May-20 13:57:47

I think it's was mattressman I bought my DD's from, based in Leicester. 4 large drawers, upgrades available on the mattress (I chose midrange, is great) and under £500. Beds cost what you are willing to spend so rough idea of budget would help. Best bed I've slept on was a Sealy super comfortable

sunflowery Sun 03-May-20 14:00:07

Ooh I love ours. It’s from Dreams. We used the computer scan thing were you lie on a show bed and it tells you what firmness of mattress is best for your body. It turned out me and DH were different numbers so we ordered a mattress that was half and half!

Bought a couple of memory foam pillows from there too and they are heaven. I love going to bed!

BEDBUGBEAN Sun 03-May-20 14:00:35

Midrange upwards sounds like my ball park. Our current bed frame has lasted 15 years, moved twice and endured two pregnancies.

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ruby2019missyou Sun 03-May-20 14:22:45

@bedbugbean I cannot recommend these enough - Reasonably priced and very comfortable.

BEDBUGBEAN Sun 03-May-20 16:55:07

I had no idea you could buy a Travelodge bed!

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ruby2019missyou Sun 03-May-20 18:56:08

I had no idea you could buy a Travelodge bed!

Haha me neither until a friend of mine stayed there and told me. So I stayed in one and realised how nice they were. The beds not the Travellodge.

WanderingMilly Sun 03-May-20 19:09:21

My bed is Scandinavian, it was literally shipped from a Scandinavian country. It's fab, proper mattress and everything. You can get Scandinavian beds from Jysk, it's Danish in origin but has stores all over Scandinavia. However, there are a few in the UK, they are reasonably priced too.

BEDBUGBEAN Sun 03-May-20 19:23:34

WanderingMilly I'm looking them up now. Divan or frame style?

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