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Show me your Playroom/Play Area

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Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:52:01

I'm planning to create a playroom for my two DDs after lockdown. I thought it would be a fun thread to see some photos of people's playrooms/play areas for some motivation (tidy or not!)
Alternatively leave me a comment with your ideas/advice for a playroom!

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Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:57:58

Anyone?? smile

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rottiemum88 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:58:34

Maybe give people more than 5 minutes to respond confused

Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:59:13

Thanks @rottiemum88

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thislittlefishswims Sun 26-Apr-20 15:01:37

We're very fortunate to have a sunroom off our main living area that we use as our toddlers play room. The storage units and bookshelves are from Ikea. The playmat is double sided and the other side has a street scene that DS can drive his cars along.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Sun 26-Apr-20 15:04:13

We used a small spare room as a playroom for our dc and they never played in there. They would go get their toys and bring them to wherever I was. It became a toy store room.

In the end we've massively reduced quantity of toys, built a storage cupboard outside their bedrooms and put the toys in there. The room will eventually be taken over by dh or I for something else.

So my suggestion for a play room is to have an open play area off the kitchen or living room rather than a separate room.

Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:07:52

@thislittlefishswims That looks lovely, very functional and spacious. I'm planning to get a small table and chairs too. It looks like you have one area for toys and another for books, and one kitchen area. Some good inspiration, thanks!

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Modestandatinybitsexy Sun 26-Apr-20 15:15:54

Apologies for the mess and the bad photo, we've been building a tower and now dd is napping on me.

This room is a sitting/dining/play room. It's just off the kitchen. We've got toys in the ikea box drawers, in the chest and in the storage sofa. And books in easy reach on the bookshelf. It does look quite tidy when everything's in its place.

We also have a grown up sitting room but toys end up in there too!

Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:17:02

@BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz thanks, I wasn't planning to make one but since lockdown my daughters (ages 3 and 10 months) have been playing in our second living room, probably because our main living room is very small and they like to be away from the grown ups. So i thought i might aswell!

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thislittlefishswims Sun 26-Apr-20 15:20:04

No worries. The table and chairs is also Ikea and it has storage underneath with is super handy and holds all our play dough and colouring bits.

Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:32:25

@Modestandatinybitsexy that looks good too! smile

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Tsubasa1 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:33:47

@thislittlefishswims oh that's really handy! Will be trying to get one of those!

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BlueflowerRedthorns Sun 26-Apr-20 16:13:16

Hi this is slightly off topic but I don't suppose you know what colour your walls are @*modestbutatinybitsexy*. ?
Op I'd agree with ikea for storage /bookcases that's what we have too, sorry no picture handy.

BlueflowerRedthorns Sun 26-Apr-20 16:14:10

Sorry Modestandatinybitsexy

Modestandatinybitsexy Sun 26-Apr-20 19:40:32

@BlueflowerRedthorns it's Valspar Bright Horizons.

I forgot to add we've also got a blackboard wall which my nephews love - DS just loves scuppering my blackboard plans at the mo though!

DavetheCat2001 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:19:28

This is ours.. it is right next to the main reception room with doors fitted so can be opened up as one big living space, or closed off

DavetheCat2001 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:23:03

We have a playtent in there now too and a tv for the kids to game/ watch films on.

OhCaptain Mon 27-Apr-20 15:29:40

@DavetheCat2001 your living room is GORGEOUS. What's that colour on the walls?

DavetheCat2001 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:31:44

Thank you smile..the front reception room is Little Green Theatre Red and the kids reception room is F&B Dutch Orange.

OhCaptain Mon 27-Apr-20 15:43:44

Dave, thank you! It's so lovely. Your home is beautiful.

Cityonlockdown Mon 27-Apr-20 15:47:35

DavetheCat2001 I love the two tall cats!

Tsubasa1 Wed 29-Apr-20 18:13:50

It's absolutely lovely @DavetheCat2001, how old are your children? You seem to have less clutter than the rest of us!

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DavetheCat2001 Wed 29-Apr-20 18:30:12

Ha! They are 9 and 6, and not tidy children at all! Those 2 rooms I keep tidy as the rest of the house is pretty much a building site ( project house). For comparison this is our current dining room!

Jeleste Wed 29-Apr-20 18:49:19

Our best investment was a blackboard wallpaper for a wall in the playroom. The kids love it! We've had it for over a year now and they still use it regularly and can spend hours in the playroom drawing or playing "school". Kids are 4.5 and almost 6 years old.
Its across the whole wall 9x5ft.

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