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Kitchen/family area redesign help

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namechanger0989 Wed 22-Apr-20 11:57:08

We are doing some renovation to our house but we can't decide how to change the layout at the back. Originally we were going to square off the kitchen diner part to make a better space, but I am not sure we will get planning permission because of the 45degree rule in regards to next doors window. So we are now looking at alternative ways but just can not seem to find a way. We can extend outwards but again it depends on planning and next door so we are trying to solve this without the need to extend if we can. Will save us money too which is a bonus.

I have included a picture of a rough drawing.
The shaded area is 2 storey part of building so has bedrooms etc above, the none shaded is just single storey.

List of 'ideal world' req.

Keep the fire log burner (can be moved as it is a fake breast)
Kitchen island
Large dining table (10 seats)
Lots of kitchen storage
Utility room
Seating/sofa area
Some toy storage

I have got as far as remove the middle wall to make it one big space and that's it!

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