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Anybody got Dulux Tranquil Dawn or similar?

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Cantdecidewhich Mon 20-Apr-20 13:02:48

After all the help I got on here I have chosen Tranquil Dawn for my bedroom, if you have used it too what colours have you put with it ?
If you have any pics I would LOVE to see them please smile

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Bluesheep8 Mon 20-Apr-20 13:22:27

I'd put touches of blush or coral pink along with some minky/taupe shades.

MacavityTheDentistsCat Mon 20-Apr-20 13:27:50

OP Coincidentally there is a very recent thread under Property/DIY entitled 'Very soft earthy green sage for living room'. A number of people talk there about Tranquil Dawn and similar and about the colours they have mixed it with. It might be worth having a look there too.

MacavityTheDentistsCat Mon 20-Apr-20 13:30:13


Cantdecidewhich Mon 20-Apr-20 14:11:37

@Bluesheep8 yes that does sound really nice

@Macavity thanks I will look now, appreciate your help

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