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Vinyl Flooring

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Vinylenquiry Tue 24-Mar-20 21:35:43

I'm looking to put vinyl flooring in my bedroom and sitting room. I was going to get someone in but Youtube has convinced me that it's not difficult to do myself.

I took some of the carpet up today and there is hardwood over the flooring which looks smooth so far.

How hard is it to do yourself and do I want tiles/boards or a roll? Any recommendations on brand? I'm doing two rooms and the hallway so am not looking to spend thousands of pounds on it.

I've been looking at Polyflor Camaro LVT which I want in Parquet. Would that be hard to fit do you think?

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Mosaic123 Mon 30-Mar-20 09:01:28

Is what you have there capable of being restored? It might be a cheaper and nicer alternative.

middleager Mon 30-Mar-20 09:04:12

We did this and it looks great. My husband fitted it easily.

We got some from an independent shop and some from B&M.
The independent shop had more bounce/padding.

middleager Mon 30-Mar-20 09:05:00

Ours were just rolls of vinyl. We did two bathrooms.

Vinylenquiry Mon 30-Mar-20 17:07:37

@Mosaic123 my post was confusing. There is plywood over the flooring (that's what I meant by hardwood). I've picked up parts of the carpet and the joins aren't great, so I'm not sure what to do about that, whether to have more put down or, if I can buy something like an expanding sealer to fill those gaps.

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Vinylenquiry Mon 30-Mar-20 17:09:47

@middleager I'm really pleased to hear it looks good. I have vinyl in my kitchen which I'm really pleased with though there is no bounce to it. Do you know what make you bought?

I don't think I can buy those planks and do it myself because I like in an old house and the floors aren't level. That would be considerably more work to level them. I think a good quality roll is the best I can do without getting someone in.

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Bamaluz Mon 30-Mar-20 17:16:10

I wouldn't attempt parquet if I were you, just stick to straight planking or vinyl sheet.

Vinylenquiry Mon 30-Mar-20 17:34:56

@Bamaluz Thanks. I was going to get a roll which is 'parquet' style.

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