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Which white to go with

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wowfudge Mon 09-Mar-20 17:14:14

Dulux Maritime Teal? We have a large bedroom which has a big bay window. It is very light and bright in the mornings so can take a strong colour. I'm wondering what white to use for the ceiling, frieze and woodwork?

At the moment the room is different dark colour with, I think, barley white on the ceiling and frieze as it's been used a lot in the housr. PBW could be too bright and stark.

The room also has a fireplace and chimney breast and I am wondering whether to paint that a darker shade to break things up a bit? Any thoughts on doing that?

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WaxOnFeckOff Mon 09-Mar-20 18:00:58

Not white, but I've used B&Q fairbanks as a pale neutral and been very impressed, it seems to match well with most other colours and has a bit of warmth to it. Goes on really nicely too.

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 09-Mar-20 18:02:29

I'd keep the ceiling plain white though, I just realised that you weren't talking about a neutral to use on the walls alongside your teal.

wowfudge Mon 09-Mar-20 18:13:06

Thanks for your thoughts so far - WaxOn PBW could well be too stark though.

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WaxOnFeckOff Mon 09-Mar-20 18:44:28

I think unless you live in one of those properties with the massive high ceilings and huge rooms, nothing else but white really looks right imo.

You may however live in one of those houses i which case fire away smile

wowfudge Tue 10-Mar-20 08:09:25

We do live in "one of those properties"! I was thinking a chalky white would work instead of pure brilliant white, but would appreciate the views of those who have used other whites.

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WaxOnFeckOff Tue 10-Mar-20 08:44:27

Chalky white sounds ideal. I've also seen them do the ceiling coloured and the walls pale which also works well.

RestorationInsanity Wed 11-Mar-20 17:21:52

We're using Shirting from Little Greene. It's a proper white (doesn't look dirty or cream) but it doesn't have the 'blue' that you get with PBW.

Karcheer Wed 11-Mar-20 17:32:36

Pure white has blue undertones and should only really be used with cool colours
Something like dulux jabot white (very similar to timeless) is better with warm colours.

wowfudge Wed 11-Mar-20 22:30:25

Thanks both - I ordered some testers from Dulux yesterday. Jabot White wasn't one of them. Rats!

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