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confuddeledconfuddel Wed 04-Mar-20 12:48:14

What colour would you paint the walls in this kitchen. I hate kitchen but can't afford to replace it. Hoping a splash of colour will help

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mathanxiety Thu 05-Mar-20 06:17:46

Need photo.

Bluesheep8 Thu 05-Mar-20 06:27:46

Photo or description?

confuddeledconfuddel Thu 05-Mar-20 08:41:03

I do keep trying to upload photo and it is saying success but then not showing angrysad

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confuddeledconfuddel Thu 05-Mar-20 08:46:18

Hopefully this works

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onlinelinda Thu 05-Mar-20 08:51:24

I would paint the units a very pale colour, to blend or complement the light brown tiles. So ivory, antique white , or an extremely pale off white shade of blue or green. (Eg pale powder, F and B, or school house or lime white . Or Dulux almond or barley white).

RoseHarper Thu 05-Mar-20 08:57:31

Dulux Timeless...would freshen it up and looks nice against the wood. Our kitchen is similar and I've tried to go down the "scandi" route...wicker baskets/white accessories and it think it looks good.

Cuddling57 Thu 05-Mar-20 08:58:02

We have similar. The previous owners painted the tiles white. Not very exciting but it looks clean and brightens it up a bit.

Mumtoaperfectbabyboy Thu 05-Mar-20 09:00:52

Frenchic paint is amazing for jobs like this. They have a facebook fan page too and lots of people post their painted kitchens - it's my go to place if I need any inspiration.

sorryiasked Thu 05-Mar-20 09:05:05

I think the units are fine, the tiles and floor less so. I'd paint the tiles a warm white. And if you could stretch to some vinyl for the floor that would make a world of difference.

WildCherryBlossom Thu 05-Mar-20 09:15:05

I would paint the units a soft pale blue if that were my kitchen

WildCherryBlossom Thu 05-Mar-20 09:17:15

Is there lighting under the eye level units? If not you can get it quite cheaply in eg Ikea. Changing the unit colour and the lighting would really freshen it all up.

confuddeledconfuddel Thu 05-Mar-20 09:57:09

Thanks everyone, i hate it so much but with 2 kids in childcare, we have no spare cash to do much at the moment. The other side if the room is all walls, i will get a photo when i get home from work. The walls are magnolia colour. I think if i painted those a nice colour it might help lift kitchen. Previous owners have it orange (ouch my eyes). The kitchen is all just a little orange for my liking

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confuddeledconfuddel Thu 05-Mar-20 09:58:59

@wildcheery yes we do have lighting under the units. They may be blown for some months now blush i just cant bring myself to do anything in kitchen as its awful

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WildCherryBlossom Thu 05-Mar-20 10:31:24

It sounds like you need to start with the orange walls. Get some plain white paint. You may need several coats to get rid of the orange. Freshen that up first. Then sort out lighting under the units. It will already be feeling brighter after that. Then you can think about painting the units. We painted ours using a little paint roller that is normally used for behind radiators. It gave a really good finish. We used a F&B paint and it has lasted pretty well. It's been over 10 years and I have to regularly scrub the doors down (thanks to mucky pets and young children). The paint is only just starting to look worn on the most heavily used doors. But if this is a shorter term freshen up you are after use a cheaper brand of paint.

WildCherryBlossom Thu 05-Mar-20 10:36:20

What colour is the ceiling? I can't tell from the picture.

confuddeledconfuddel Thu 05-Mar-20 12:16:53

The ceiling is white, ill take better pictures later.
The walls are already painted beige from the orange, they did that themselves to paint it.
We are only planning to be here another 5 years so dont really want to start ripping out kitchen, or else i would find the money.
I think i am just going to have to change the tiles

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PolloDePrimavera Thu 05-Mar-20 12:34:02

I've seen worse but could you do sthg with the flooring? I think that, plus lighter walls, would make a huge difference.

mathanxiety Fri 06-Mar-20 00:36:05

I would use a clean white for the cabinets on top and a deep forest green or a deep burgundy for the lower ones.
For your orange walls - light grey if you use burgundy, and a very light blue if you use the forest green.

Take down the tiles and put in white subway tiles (same white as cabinets; buy the tiles first).

This can be done by amateurs. Look up YouTube videos. Practice a bit first with a square metre of plywood.

mathanxiety Fri 06-Mar-20 00:39:15

If you're painting a lighter colour over the orange paint, use a layer of white undercoat.

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