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If you had this wallpaper, and were thinking of a charcoal sofa, what colour rugs and cushions and accessories ?

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Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 20:28:53

Ideas needed please

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Howmanysleepsnow Tue 03-Mar-20 20:40:21

Gold and burnt orange cushions and accents (more orange than gold)

ShirleyPhallus Tue 03-Mar-20 20:41:38

Jewell tones - burnt orange, velvet green, navy blue, gold accents. Lovely wallpaper

dudsville Tue 03-Mar-20 20:43:46

That's some fabulous wallpaper. You could have one or two dark navy blue bits to add depth.

Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 20:51:19

The other walls are white and the floor is light wood planks so not dissimilar to the photos on the website

So I need to look for burnt orange or green I was thinking maybe some huge plants too
It give it a jungle vibe but no idea what I’m looking for !
I’ll try and google

Do you think a dark green sofa or dark blue sofa would be better than charcoal

Was thinking of going for velvet, because peopl in here have told me that actually cleans up better

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TheFogsGettingThicker Tue 03-Mar-20 21:29:25

I don't think charcoal would go as well as a rich colour...I think I'd have a dark blue. With burnt orange/ochre cushions and copper floor lamps?

VenusClapTrap Tue 03-Mar-20 21:34:29

Lovely wallpaper. I’d go for a green velvet sofa with that. And a green rug. Loads of plants.

notcycling Tue 03-Mar-20 21:39:43

O would get this lamp!

RUSU92 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:41:20

yeah I'd go for a green or navy sofa instead of charcoal too. Or even a golden/burnt orange one? I'm always a bit tempted to keep to a few colours but it can look a bit matchy matchy so bringing in some other rich jewel tones would be lovely.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Tue 03-Mar-20 21:44:34

What's the direction of the light through the window(s)? When will you mostly use the room? Is it self contained or do you walk through it?

RogueV Tue 03-Mar-20 21:46:09

Da fuck

ActualHornist Tue 03-Mar-20 21:52:42

Lots of different jewel colours - orange, green, purple, blue.

Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 21:54:32

Oh that lamp is rather cool, I like that
Yeah I’m thinking maybe a dark
Green sofa, bmnot sure I’d be bold enough for a burnt orange one although I do love burnt orange

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BaronessBomburst Tue 03-Mar-20 22:03:06

That is lovely!
Dark blue velvet sofa with gold and orange.

Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 22:03:41

What kinda rig do you think ? I know it depends on the sofa and cushions etc but just general ideas

I sometimes think green can look like grass

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SinglePringle Tue 03-Mar-20 22:08:04

I have a similar colour scheme

Midnight blue velvet sofa
Gold, orange, green and deep turquoise cushions
Yellow velvet armchair
Green throws
Green, gold and wood accessories.

SinglePringle Tue 03-Mar-20 22:08:32

I have a large off white rug.

SinglePringle Tue 03-Mar-20 22:09:34

I also have throws in orange and yellow. And plants. Lots of plants.

Guineapigbridge Tue 03-Mar-20 22:09:47

Dark (navy) blue velvet sofa would work so well with that wallpaper. Gold and burnt orange pops.

Rule is:
60 percent dominant colour (yours is green)
30 percent highlight colour (yours is black)
10 percent pop colour (burnt orange, gold)

Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 23:02:04

Pringle I’d love to see pics of that

Doing home decor is so confusing !

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Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 23:20:22

Could get a nice burnt oar age round textured vase could be nice

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Lardlizard Tue 03-Mar-20 23:20:28


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