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Thanks. Now I need more help choosing...

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littlem133 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:38:32

Thanks to you lovely people I chose some beautiful wallpaper and decorating my living room this week. We use the open plan kitchen most of the day and use the living room for watching films etc so I want it to feel really cozy. Which light would go well? I have two pendants. And what colour cushions?
Thank you!!

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CanNotSeeTheWoodForTheTrees Sun 23-Feb-20 18:58:49

Definitely the bottom left light.

Colour wise I'd go for a green.

Looks fab !

littlem133 Sun 23-Feb-20 19:54:28

I like the bottom left too. Was thinking of a pink glass light with pink cushions then lots of green in plants

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MaJoady Mon 24-Feb-20 00:33:04

I think either bottom left or top left light. And the pink cushions: I like the colour match and it helps balance the eye against the vibrant wallpaper (which I love!). To me, the other options don't really work.

littlem133 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:57:51

Thank you! I've ordered the next ones but noticed that with Cult Furniture that their returns policy isn't very easy to follow! There's a minimum £10 fee to return!!

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