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Rugs and position - photos

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MrsWhisker Sun 09-Feb-20 13:17:43

Is it such a crime to have a rug slap bang in the middle of the room with no sofa legs on it?

I've bought a rug and it's a bit small so no furniture legs can sit on it.

I bought two actually but putting them together looks a bit rubbish because of the obviousness that it's two rugs.

We've just moved so it is all a bit chaotic.

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trickyex Sun 09-Feb-20 13:45:25

The two together looks better IMO. Could you fasten the back with carpet tape? Think its quite easy to disguise on a fluffy rug.

taptonaria27 Sun 09-Feb-20 13:51:24

Two together looks loads better, I cant see a join in the photo so hopefully as pp said, you can disguise it

Cuddling57 Sun 09-Feb-20 13:58:25

They both look great.

Wynston Sun 09-Feb-20 14:06:26

The legs of the sofa on the rug would drive me crazy i like it just in the middle.

Lulu1919 Sun 09-Feb-20 14:11:30

We have our like first pic

Marsbardelight Sun 09-Feb-20 14:36:40

First one looks better smile

MadamShazam Sun 09-Feb-20 14:39:14

I like the first photo aswell. I had no idea that it wasn't done to not have you furniture legs on your rug! 😂

HollowTalk Sun 09-Feb-20 14:40:45

I prefer the first picture but please for the love of god centre the chairs and the sofa!

BonnesVacances Sun 09-Feb-20 14:46:09

I've been in this exact position. First one is fine with the one rug, but move it closer to the sofa so it sits just under the legs or in front of. It'll look a bit better imo. And the other edge will line up with the edge of the armchairs.

ParadiseLaundry Sun 09-Feb-20 14:46:19

I prefer the two rugs together. I think it looks so cosy when the sofa legs are on the rugs.

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sun 09-Feb-20 14:47:08

I like the second one smile

You could try angling one of the armchairs over a corner of the rug to make the layout less symmetrical. Play around with the position of lamps and side tables until you're happy.

Some of the tutorials recommend using single sided carpet tape to join two rugs as it can handle footfall better than duct tape without coming apart. You could also look at IKEA Stopp or Stopp Filt rug underlay (latter has better reviews).

Two other tips - use a less sticky tape to hold the pile back where you're joining the rugs. This way you can get a really tight join without the pile interfering.

Once joined underneath using carpet tape etc carefully flip the rug right side up, remove the temporary tape and brush the pile over the join. Hoovering might help to merge the pile (or not!).

MrsWhisker Sun 09-Feb-20 15:10:09

@hollowtalk, do you mean centre them in relation to the rug? To each other? The room? Everything?

I'm cack at this. Trying to make new home homely. 🙄

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HollowTalk Mon 10-Feb-20 14:50:15

I meant centre the sofa and chairs along the edge of the rug, so there's an equal amount of rug each side. Did you decide whether to go with one or two rugs?

palacegirl77 Mon 10-Feb-20 16:34:14

Where is your TV? I would angle both chairs into the room instead of sideways on, and I think one rug looks best!

MrsWhisker Tue 11-Feb-20 11:35:02

TV will be opposite the sofa.

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silentlight Wed 12-Feb-20 09:37:12

Two rugs much better! The single rug looks too small and makes the room seem smaller too. The large rug makes the whole area look cosy and will look much nicer if you add a table in the future.

Just stick the joint together and fluff the rug up.

dsmith1980 Wed 12-Feb-20 10:32:36

Second pic for me, looks lovely smile

doodleygirl Wed 12-Feb-20 10:35:00

First picture looks so much better

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