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What colour accessories with taupe?

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othersideofforty Sun 02-Feb-20 09:15:11

I'm decorating my living room, white walls then a feature wall, which is floral taupe wallpaper.
What colour accessories (cushions etc) go with taupe?

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Downunderduchess Sun 02-Feb-20 09:42:34

You need a contrast colour, I have a similar colour scheme and I have used shades of teal/blue/aqua etc.

PearlHeart3 Sun 02-Feb-20 09:49:08

I have a taupe feature wall and taupe paint elsewhere. My accessories are green, yellow and black and white. I have a black sofa though. Although you can't see the yellow armchair in the photos below as it's just out of shot but it has a green cushion on.

othersideofforty Sun 02-Feb-20 09:50:21

Thanks, I have been thinking teal and mustard

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PearlHeart3 Sun 02-Feb-20 09:53:57

My old sofa was teal and it looked really good with the taupe. Unfortunately it was too big for the room so had to go (donated to charity). Sounds good to me

Bluesheep8 Sun 02-Feb-20 10:11:06

I've got pale taupe walls with pale blue accents. It looks lovely

othersideofforty Sun 02-Feb-20 10:15:27

Thanks everyone, I'll maybe take the paper into a shop and try colours out with it

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Bluesheep8 Sun 02-Feb-20 11:10:18

I'll post a pic of my lounge when I've tidied it blush

othersideofforty Sun 02-Feb-20 14:05:12

Bluesheep8 thanks

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damnthatanxiety Mon 03-Feb-20 06:04:22

Out of nonsense interest, do you pronounce it toe-p or taw-p?

othersideofforty Mon 03-Feb-20 07:50:24

Errm damnthatanxiety, I say taw-p! But I'm sure from other parts of the country they say it differently!

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PearlHeart3 Mon 03-Feb-20 12:26:20


I'm from London originally. I didn't realise people pronounce it any differently 😂

Bluesheep8 Mon 03-Feb-20 13:24:32


bingoitsadingo Mon 03-Feb-20 17:32:55

My walls are a fairly light taupe. I have a dark grey sofa, a grey/white rug, and burgundy accents

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