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Dark hallway? What colour? Please not magnolia!

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user1497787065 Fri 24-Jan-20 19:28:30

I have quite a dark hall and stairs and a slightly lighter landing. What colour walls? I don't want cream. DH is saying no to any grey shade however light. I usually use the F&B shades, have mainly elephants breath and bone elsewhere and like the depth of these. Any thoughts anyone?

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TiddleTaddleTat Fri 24-Jan-20 20:02:17

We have a dark hallway too, and I painted it LG dash of soot and slaked lime on the woodwork. But I'm minded to put a deeper shade on next time we redecorate. I think hallways can afford to be quite bold. I'd go for something deep and dramatic next times

Slightlysurviving Sat 25-Jan-20 19:01:21

Same op, we have a dark landing I tried lots of testers. I agree with your DH anything with gray looks darker. Anything cream brown!! In the end we settled on Dulux timeless. It is light but not quite white. Good luck. Good lighting is your friend grin

Spanglybangles Tue 28-Jan-20 23:01:11

F&B Borrowed Light?

Mamia15 Fri 31-Jan-20 12:06:18

Egyptian Cotton?

ThatThereWoman Fri 31-Jan-20 12:12:05

I'm going to Denimes on my walls and Railings on my floor!

It will be very dark and I'm very excited! I may also paint my ceiling the same colour. If you haven't heard of her Abigail Ahern (who was on R6 with Cerys Matthews last week) is a designer that really champions darkness. Look at her pages on pinterest too.

Look on pinterest, there are loads of examples (if you search under each shade).

ViserionTheDragon Sat 01-Feb-20 23:48:20

I've got LG Loft White, it really brightens my dark, windowless hallway.

Titsywoo Sat 01-Feb-20 23:53:09

Our hall doesnt have much natural light but i decided to embrace the dark! The floor is a dark wood and the walls are f&b oval room blue. The woodwork is all an offwhite and since the understairs has been wood panelled and painted white and we have a big mirror facing that it doesnt feel too dark.

copperoliver Sun 02-Feb-20 00:25:52

Egyptian cotton. X

Cauliflowerpower Sun 02-Feb-20 09:21:09

How about some sort of duck egg blue?

snotthatfurrry Sun 02-Feb-20 15:19:51

I'm going to my dark hallway in a very dramatic green shade. I haven't decided which yet

user1497787065 Sat 22-Feb-20 06:45:53

I chose Mizzle and love it.

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Aprilcherry04 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:04:15

We have white going up the stairs and in the landing walls but around the front door and and on the triangle bit under the stairs we have a dark grey/almost denim colour. We get plenty of with the drama of the dark. No natural light on landing so that's why only white up there but have colourful prints on the walls.

Geppili Sun 23-Feb-20 22:43:57

F and B Pointing

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