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Bathroom validation

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Fredy45 Sun 19-Jan-20 12:44:57

I am so awful at interior design!

Need to redo bathroom which is the only bathroom in 4 bed house (downstairs loo but no other showers/en suite). I mention this because it will get heavy traffic especially with 2 preteen girls. We have a separate bath and shower and I want to keep this.

So I want something practical and won't date. Dh hates renovations so I want this to be good quality and last.

Room is smallish with sloping ceiling and big window which covers most of one wall so lovely and light. Entire room currently is covered with awful and old plastic bathroom panelling. Shower one corner, loo and vanity unit along that wall and small bath on the opposite wall under the sloping ceiling.

I think I may as well keep the layout. My only reservation is it's impossible to clean between the loo and the shower. However, shower has a huge deep tray so a more modern unit wouldn't have this.

So same layout, same size shower but lower tray. Sink/vanity units against back wall in white with proper mirrored unit above (teen girl storage needed....)

Dark wood floor, white tongue and groove to half way then a blue to the ceiling. Ideally a kind of darkish/Mediterranean blue or a slatey blue rather than an aqua or turquoise.

In the shower corner blue floor to ceiling - I was thinking shower wall panel rather than tiles but not sure so advice welcome.

Units all very plain and white. DH hates floating units (he has a thing about dust underneath).

Does this sound ok? I have very plain taste but like a bit of colour (hence the blue). DH is very practical. Neither of us are good at putting ideas together....

We'll need to get entire room replastered and everything refitted and don't have the biggest budget (6-7k probably but have a family friend builder to fit).

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TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Sun 19-Jan-20 13:05:22

You are proposing:
Dark blue tiles/other shower cubicle
Black wall with storage
No floating units
Tongue and groove white panelling half way and blue above
Dark wood floor

Is that right?

It all sounds nice but the black wall is throwing me?
Do you need to replaster everywhere if you are putting in t&g / tiles?

Don't use natural stone would be my recommendation. Lots of maintenance and if you fail to do so, you have to rip it out. For a high traffic bathroom you want porcelain tiles.
The blue sounds nice but will it be dark and depressing in the dead of winter/at night? Good lighting is key especially for putting on makeup though you may want to encourage that in the direction of the bedrooms if 4 of you are sharing one bathroom.
Floating loo would help with the cleaning between loo and shower? I do look at them and wonder if they come loose over a long period though?

TommyandGina Sun 19-Jan-20 13:10:05

I would be wary of anything black, every water splash will leave marks, especially if you are in a hard water are. I know this from experience of having dark flooring in my bathroom. I find myself constantly scrubbing to remove watermarks and limescale.

Fredy45 Sun 19-Jan-20 17:23:27

Ohhh black is a typo! No black smile

Back wall is where the bath will go against. So may need some tiling there to protect the wall I guess. I would say white for that but how far up would you go if the rest of the room is only half panelled with the t&g? And in that case am I better off doing the shower wall in white tile too? Or will that be too bland? Or bin the t&g and go for plain white tile?

It gets loads of light - it's a huge south facing window but you are right, I need to be careful with the paint. I don't want a navy I don't think, lighter than that - maybe a smokey blue iyswim.

I am guessing about the replastering but the shitty old panelling was slapped on and I'm not sure how sound the wall is behind so we may need to.

I worry about floating loos. Dh is 6 4 and 14 and a half stone so I worry he'll break it ;)

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TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Sun 19-Jan-20 18:34:36

I'd probably avoid the floating loo in that case too wink

Google blue bathrooms - you'll get loads of ideas. Some shops do navy blue cabinets which look nice against a white tiled background.?

T&G would be a lot cheaper than tiles I would think but will need sanding and repainting from time to time.

Classic or contemporary?

Aquamarine1029 Sun 19-Jan-20 18:39:52

I think it would be very much worth your while to hire a professional designer.

Fredy45 Sun 19-Jan-20 18:46:11

Thank you - I am going google blind!

We have a lovely local bathroom design company but my concern is I really don't think we have the budget to use them and would feel a bit fraudulent to get them out on that basis.

Maybe I do get them out though and see what their quote would be. They have a great local rep so may be worth it if it's not totally out of reach.....

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Mentosini Fri 24-Apr-20 20:10:19

If you need advice, you can try to fill in a free quote, and they will give you several choices to pick from. I tried it and just loved it. The site that I used was this

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