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Anyone know the name of this piece of furniture?

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fastliving Mon 06-Jan-20 18:54:55

Just seen this in a home magazine at the dentist - really love it, but does anyone know what it's called so I can try and hunt one down?

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fastliving Mon 06-Jan-20 18:55:43

It's the brown chest of draws in the centre of the photo if that's not clear!

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PintOfBovril Mon 06-Jan-20 18:55:58

Which piece of furniture are you asking about?

PintOfBovril Mon 06-Jan-20 18:56:32

Oh sorry cross post smile

HollowTalk Mon 06-Jan-20 18:57:37

Is it a secretaire?

GorkyMcPorky Mon 06-Jan-20 18:57:37

My mum once made one like this out of two sections of an old desk!

Sharkyfan Mon 06-Jan-20 18:57:59


iluvnettletea Mon 06-Jan-20 18:58:28


Sharkyfan Mon 06-Jan-20 19:00:23

My mum and granny both have a vintage one and that’s what they call it
When you google tall boy it doesn’t come up with the right thing though, but antique tall boy does

Elliemayclampett Mon 06-Jan-20 19:00:43

A highboy

SenecaFalls Mon 06-Jan-20 19:01:06

I think it's a highboy (chest on chest.) I'm in the US so not sure if it has a different name in the UK.

Herocomplex Mon 06-Jan-20 19:01:22

Yes, I think it’s called a tallboy.

7to25 Mon 06-Jan-20 19:01:50

I think it is a
4 on 3

dreamingofmushrooms Mon 06-Jan-20 19:03:07

Tallboy. A console is a side table.

Lllot5 Mon 06-Jan-20 19:03:17

Chester drawers of course.

buckleten Mon 06-Jan-20 19:04:23

It's a tallboy or chest on chest

fastliving Mon 06-Jan-20 22:33:19

Thanks everyone, cheat on chest/tall boy seems to be the name.
I guess you need a stool to get in the top drawers? Are they 'fixed' so they can't be pulled out completely?

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spongedog Mon 06-Jan-20 22:42:44

Clothes used to be folded not hung, but I do see your point about needing a stool or something to get to the top drawers. Slightly odd - I wonder how old that piece really is? I cant get a closeup but could they be a "fake" drawer so a top pulls open to form a desk?

Bluerussian Mon 06-Jan-20 22:44:59

Tallboy. Whatever it's called it looks very good.

TeaAndStrumpets Mon 06-Jan-20 22:46:43

We've always called ours a chest on chest. They hold a tremendous amount, but I use the upper drawers for things I don't need very often!

pictish Mon 06-Jan-20 22:47:43

Tall boy...yes.

fastliving Mon 06-Jan-20 23:43:04

My grandparents had one for their linens, but they also had a sprightly housekeeper too!

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percheron67 Mon 06-Jan-20 23:48:40

chest on chest?

astralweaks Tue 07-Jan-20 17:42:57

Chester Draws?!?!? Huh?

SherlocksDeerstalker Tue 07-Jan-20 17:44:49

She knows. It’s a MN thing.

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