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UnMumseyMum’s paint colour

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evarainbow Mon 06-Jan-20 06:12:51

Who follows Sarah Turner aka The UnMumsey Mum aka The Turner House Project?
Quick question; What new paint colour did she use in her living room?
Not the Farrow & Ball Blue Hague, but the one she covered that with.
I made a mental note as I really liked the colour but mental function has sadly failed me & it’s driving me nuts.
She has said what it is at some point on Insta but despite scrolling back I can’t re find it.
Hoping one of you knows ??

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AiryFairy1991 Mon 06-Jan-20 06:44:40

I think it was Dulux Costal Grey cause I liked it too but it looks a lot bluer than I remember it looking on her stories? Might be my memory playing tricks though!

ShoeJunkie Mon 06-Jan-20 06:45:58

Yep, Dulux Coastal Grey.

evarainbow Mon 06-Jan-20 07:18:30

Yes! That’s the one. You star thanks!!!

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