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Off-white-grey with/or Hague Blue or Deep Green? (with pictures)

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VagueBlue Sun 29-Dec-19 21:23:26

First of all, please excuse the Christmas crap lying around when I've taken ohots, I've blurred out toys/pictures/decorations etc. to try and keep the basics of the room on show!

The carpet has a seperate picture attached as it looks browner in photos but is much more of a light to mid grey.

Walls are supposed to be greige but this has got darker over the years with more brown tones. Everything I ever Pinterested was always 'light and airy' off white grey which I was going to redecorate as but then I discovered Hague Blue and more recently the really dark greens such as F&BGreen Smoke or Valspar Secret Retreat. I'd like to do the wall with sofa in the strong colour and the other walls off white with a complimentary white shade.

The sofa may soon be replaced by a lighter grey one but generally I plan to keep everything else, the white toned furniture, black and white contrasting pieces and a touch of copper.

The TV mount is a pale grey right now but I'm also in a mind of weather to paint that to match the feature wall/make this the only coloured part rather than a full wall.

Does anyone have any strong feelings towards either colour fitting better than the other?

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VagueBlue Sun 29-Dec-19 21:26:16

Added pictures of the other walls which will be kept simple, just going to add some Pinterest styled shelves on the wall behind the chair and replace the Christmas canvas with something fitting! The Christmas tree will be replaced by a black tripod lamp.

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