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Coastal cottage paint colours. Advice gratefully received.

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Motherof2pearls Sun 29-Dec-19 20:05:00

Thanks 😊

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JoyceJames Fri 27-Dec-19 11:36:57

Jesus that must have been a tipsy post!

Blue doesn't work in a north room but warmer colours do. And some deep colours. End of.

JoyceJames Thu 26-Dec-19 09:52:20

Blue wit work in north facing room. Too cold. In those north rooms you need war we colours. So if you use blue elsewhere, there oranges, deep yellows or browns, to reflect other beach shades. I like inchyra blue from f and b, myself. It's a deep stormy teal, and warm enough, just.

Bluesheep8 Mon 23-Dec-19 07:11:25

Dulux heritage Clear Skies, fresh non cold pale blue, paired with f and b (Or a copy of) skimming stone. My kitchen is painted in Clear Skies and the cupboards are skimming stone. The two colours are lovely together.

Swinesinsleepingbags Sun 22-Dec-19 22:55:21

I know you are not there but I'd go for cornish pottery colours. So lots of white with a deep bright blue. You could then mix it up and do white with other bright colours (orange, red etc)

Motherof2pearls Sun 22-Dec-19 22:52:17

Hi, in the new year I shall move to a country cottage in Norfolk which is near the sea. I’ve always wanted a coastal place and I want to paint it in beachy colors. It’s an early Victorian Terrace, quite small, with three small bedrooms, one lounge and one kitchen diner, One bathroom and small downstairs Loo [no window]. The lounge is north facing and the kitchen diner is south facing. The colors are currently creams and yellows, with a touch of very light blue upstairs. Any ideas or suggestions? I’d be grateful, as I’m doing my head in thinking of appropriate colors. Thank you.

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