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Oh f**k - I've decided to decorate!

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OldSpeclkledHen Fri 20-Dec-19 06:30:55

As per title... I live in a studio flat, it's quite large and has separate hallway... currently it's pale yellow (not bad!) Want to do living/bed room and hallway all same colour...

Really fancy a light grey...

Never done anything like this before, so all help and advise needed!

Am on a budget also! It's Christmas (but I'm off now until Monday 30th) am I insane?

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BillHadersNewWife Fri 20-Dec-19 06:36:12

Are you going to be at home alone? Not having guests are you?

If you've never done it before, preparation is the key. Do not just start slapping paint on.

Clean the walls before you start...but first, move all furniture into centre of the room and cover it up...with old sheets. Then get masking tape and seal all around the carpets next to the skirting you don't get pain there. Also cover carpets with old sheets.

You are planning to do the skirting boards and doors?

OldSpeclkledHen Fri 20-Dec-19 06:41:24

Yes home alone! Will be visiting DM on Christmas Day!

Not doing gloss work just walls ...

Yes good point! Sugar soap (did learn something from DD!) Sheets yes...

How long will it take? Main room is about 30'x20'? Hallway about 12'x6'? How much paint should I get? Will it need one or two coats?

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