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Superking bed linen

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MindDisco Mon 16-Dec-19 07:40:37

Where do you buy superking bed linen in any other colour than white that doesn't cost the earth?

Just bought a new superking bed and wanted some navy sheets and can't find them anywhere for a reasonable price, or a shop will do the duvet cover, but won't do matching superking pillow cases.

I also don't particularly want heavy cotton that will need ironing as I just know they won't get ironed and will look crinkled.

Tell me where you get your sheets from!

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chipsandgin Mon 16-Dec-19 07:42:38

La Redoute has loads & often does 40% codes.

nocluewhattodoo Mon 16-Dec-19 07:44:38

La redoute here too

Alyic Mon 16-Dec-19 07:47:45

Dunelm and often in TK Maxx

peachypetite Mon 16-Dec-19 07:52:20

Habitat and Debenhams or la redoute as others have said

happystory Mon 16-Dec-19 08:17:24


MindDisco Mon 16-Dec-19 08:18:41

Will check out La Redoute - not looked there yet.

Dunelm was my go to but they don't do superking pillow cases and I really want everything from the same range/colour. Unless I just can't find them on the website!

Will look at Habitat and Debenhams too.

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StCharlotte Mon 16-Dec-19 08:23:48

Argos and Amazon.

(Super king pillows - who knew?)

carnivalisover Mon 16-Dec-19 08:37:20

soak and sleep do superking pillows & cases....but I have also noticed that ikea pillowcases are often just about big enough too.

Allgirlskidsanddogs Mon 16-Dec-19 14:54:58

John Lewis

ACautionaryTale Mon 16-Dec-19 14:56:16

Dunelm - we have super king but just regular pillows - albeit we have six of them - three lots of 2

justaweeone Mon 16-Dec-19 15:00:15

John Lewis
We need deep fitted sheets as well S superking

justaweeone Mon 16-Dec-19 15:02:09

There's also this company that I've used

TiddleTaddleTat Wed 18-Dec-19 21:59:59

Just got a grey sheet from Aldi for around £9

JoyceJames Thu 19-Dec-19 08:22:58

John Lewis. White company. I bought la redoute (a decade ago) and the quality was abysmal.

MrsPerfect12 Sat 21-Dec-19 21:24:38

Next and very do deep and super king

Novembre Sat 21-Dec-19 21:26:22

Asda. But if your bed is a SK then ideally you want the duvet to be the next size up. I have a KS bed with SK bedding so it overlaps longer at each side, x

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 21-Dec-19 21:27:10

Super king pillows? Surely it’s just the duvet cover/sheets that change, the pillows are all the same size?

Bloomburger Sat 21-Dec-19 21:29:28

Bloomburger Sat 21-Dec-19 21:29:57

No super king pillows are wider as to fit the bed.

StubbleTurnips Sat 21-Dec-19 21:36:59

M&S outlet, bedeck sales.

Also the Joules sale, have had SK bedding sets for £40ish and they’ve lasted ages.

moreismore Sat 21-Dec-19 21:39:08

John Lewis often have lots superking size in sale so look after Christmas.
Next polycotton bedding is crease free after tumble dry and wears well. Haven’t checked sizes though.

TreeSwayer Tue 24-Dec-19 22:42:54

Well it requires a wee bit of sewing but I buy an extra sheet and make superking pillow cases, I suppose you can do it from normal housewife pillow cases too.

Wayfair do superking bedding but yes the choice is much more limited for superking beds.

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