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Hallway inspiration please!

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pleaseinspireme Sun 15-Dec-19 09:35:13

Please help me with hallway paint ideas!

We have a tradition Victorian terrace so hallway is narrow and quite dark. Our front door has two panels of leaded glass which lets some light in but not much.

I love blue colours but don’t think the space is big enough for anything dark. We got a tester pot of F&B light blue but dh doesn’t like it as it’s too green.

I’d like something quite light and don’t like anything with yellow tones. Floor will be natural floorboards.

Please help before I end up giving in to dh and painting it grey! Any photos would be a bonus 😊

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Geppili Sun 15-Dec-19 11:43:15

Farrow and Ball Pointing?

tiredandgrumpy Sun 15-Dec-19 11:47:30

F&B Parma grey? It's a light blue really. Have used it in a bedroom & it's a beautiful colour.

Bluesheep8 Mon 16-Dec-19 08:42:09

Have a look at dulux heritage clear skies. It's a lovely pale blue, not cold at all. I have it in my kitchen, will post a pic.

keepingbees Mon 16-Dec-19 08:45:42

I've got Dulux White Mist in my hall and stairway. It's an off white with grey undertone. I worried it would show up marks easily but it actually doesn't. Poor light made any colours dark and dingy and i needs something to reflect the light. Anything with a blue tone will likely look more blue in a dark space.

foxatthewindow Mon 16-Dec-19 08:49:40

If you still want blue check out skylight, or perhaps blackened which is a little lighter still. I’m thinking something like ammonite for our hallway which is gloomy. Pointing is the classic choice but it’s quite yellow. It looks great where I’ve seen it but is bordering on ‘inoffensive’

foxatthewindow Mon 16-Dec-19 08:50:19

The above are F&B colours - I agree that dulux white mist, or even rock salt are nice grey neutrals

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