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Encyclopaedic knowledge of Laura Ashley back catalogue needed.....I'm going mad!

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OwlMother Thu 28-Nov-19 20:07:37

I'm currently off work for enforced rest and am climbing the walls. With all the spare time I've been reminiscing about items that got away, things I wish I'd bought and either couldn't afford or dithered until it was too late!

I was looking for a bit of help with the one I couldn't afford. It's a Laura Ashley pink glass lamp base from around 2009-2010. I loved it but couldn't justify the price tag.

I have been watching eBay on and off for years but no use. I can't even find a photo of it on line.

It was bright pink, think highlighter pink, and literally a heavy blob of glass. Roughly lozenge shaped, stood up on its short end.

Does anyone avidly read the catalogues and remember it? Or is better at google/ eBay and can find a picture online? Or even.... has the elusive lamp base?

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BillHadersNewWife Fri 29-Nov-19 03:25:12

I'm finding it hard to visualise a "heavy blob of glass" and lozenge shaped...what shape was it? And what do you mean by "short end"? Aren't lozenge shapes equal?

OwlMother Fri 29-Nov-19 08:49:33

I know-it's really hard to describe. Probably using the wrong word. If you think of a sweet like a chocolate eclair, squashed so it's flatter in the middle, then stood up on the short end?

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BillHadersNewWife Fri 29-Nov-19 08:55:47

What do you mean 'the short end"? Sorry OP but if I can get a clear will help/.

Ninkanink Fri 29-Nov-19 08:57:49

OP means it stands vertically rather than horizontally so the ‘short’ ends of the lozenge shale are at top and bottom.

Ninkanink Fri 29-Nov-19 08:58:23

Ffs *lozenge shape

canveyisland Fri 29-Nov-19 11:29:37

Are you 100% sure it was a LA lamp and that it appeared in their catalogue? It doesn't sound typical of that seller which is why I'm wondering.

I understand your impulse to track it down, I'm the same blush
Was it glass or acrylic, and did it come with a shade? By using different descriptions based on anything else you can remember about it you might be able to find it.

You could contact the seller and ask them to check through back catalogues. Another thought is that it was a short run for some reason and it has slipped under the internet wire.

I found the image above using a custom searcher, although I think it unlikely because it seems to be a dead end and the description is generic for all the images on the site ( it came from.

OwlMother Fri 29-Nov-19 18:11:44

Thanks Ninkanink for making sense of my dodgy description.

It was definitely a LA lamp and you're right- totally not their normal type of thing. Maybe it's why it has stuck in my mind so firmly. Think it cost around £90

It was solid glass- the same pink as the picture upthread, but it's like the inner was bright pink with a thin external skin of transparent glass.

It didn't come with a shade, and I struggle to remember what the suggested shade as from the catalogue.

I maybe should just email LA and beg them for a name or similar, I've tried searching every variant I can think of. I have had a look online for back catalogue images but can't come up with any thing.

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Finfintytint Fri 29-Nov-19 18:14:19

I’d just contact LA. They are based Newtown or Welshpool if I remember. I’m sure they would help.

OwlMother Fri 29-Nov-19 18:23:14

I'm so excited...have found a photo so I now feel I'm not crazy! Now just have to work out how to translate this into a name to search for.

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CopperPottery Sun 01-Dec-19 09:23:28

similar but expensive

Mosaic123 Wed 04-Dec-19 08:43:57

It's Murano glass style. I like it. Like a giant boiled sweet!

bluetwiga Wed 04-Dec-19 09:40:30

Ooooo it's lovely!

Southmouth Wed 04-Dec-19 12:26:08

Ooo no help here I’m afraid but I love that!

dontcallmelen Wed 04-Dec-19 20:22:14

Ooh that’s lovely, would look amazing in my living room I want one as well.

Mosaic123 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:07:51

I think you should write to LA and show them this thread!

OwlMother Thu 05-Dec-19 14:13:36

Ooh yes, maybe they can be persuaded that there's an untapped demand out there!

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Mosaic123 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:41:47

I would buy one, especially if they came in different colours. They are quite 60s retro in style IMHO.

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