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information and ideas about wetrooms

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bathroomideas Wed 20-Nov-19 09:32:22

My DH has always wanted a wet room, I frankly can't see the point of them unless your old or disabled.
His main reason is that the water on the floor after a shower will drain away, I say use the bath mat and then mop it up when you've finished drying!
Secondly he has always wanted a very deep bath that you can sit up in and still have water up to your neck. I rarely bath may be three times in the last 6 years. We currently have two bathrooms one has a very long standard bath we're both tall but you have to wedge you foot under the tap to stop yourself sliding under the water we never use it it just collects dust and the other one much smaller no bath just a brilliant powerful shower. The one with the bath is upstairs and there's access issues; it's an extension and I suspect the bath was put in before the roof was put on.
So we planned to replace the bathroom with the shower in as its long past its sell by date we choose the basin loo shower stuff etc got a quote and we're all ready to go. Then DH found these (putting cost to one side and the hideous feet) at a push and removing an admittedly unsightly and space taking up wall we could we could get it it and put the shower over the top but it would have to be a wet room as my DH doesn't like this idea and I'm with him on that, I hate shower curtains.
So what I'm asking is what sort of floor can you have with a wet room, we are thinking of an Art Deco look so either a marble floor or black and white tiles floor. Are there any other advantages to wetrooms apart from the fact that you don't use a bath mat?

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Mizydoscape Wed 20-Nov-19 09:47:33

Personally I hate wet rooms. I used to work at a holiday park and all the lodges with wet rooms eventually had issues with water ingress. This was with properly installed altro flooring which I believe is recommended.

If you were to tile a wet room floor you would need a waterproof membrane underneath and to make sure you had proper non slip tiles or else it could be very dangerous.

Mamia15 Wed 20-Nov-19 14:16:31

I would go for a walk in shower - with a tray.

StillNumb Thu 21-Nov-19 20:26:24

I was talking to a plumber about this the other day, and he said that he wouldn't recommend wet rooms for upstairs bathrooms, unless it was new build and designed from scratch. He said that there will be problems with leaks after a few years. He recommended that I get a low profile shower try with a drying area

I am going to get something similar with a frameless creen, so very plain

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