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Best durable ‘Brilliant’ white paint.

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youvegottobekidding Sat 26-Oct-19 17:23:57

The hallway, walls going up the stairs and all, well basically all upstairs is painted white. I can’t remember exactly when it was last done, definitely within the last 10 months. We used Johnstones Brilliant White Matt Emulsion. With 2 kids (teenager & preteen the walls get mucky pretty easily so we tend to just wipe them down with a wet wipe now & then. The tub says the paint is wipeable, however, the walls still look grubby! And I know white will never stay looking white with kids.

Anyway the whole lot needs doing again but I’m thinking is there a better paint out there, but not F&B, there’s a lot of walls to be painted & our budget can’t stretch to F&B!
I’ve seen a large tub of Dulux easycare washable & tough pure brilliant white, has anyone used this & if so what’s the feedback?

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CrazyOldBagLady Sat 26-Oct-19 17:27:08

No idea but I need some recommendations for our hall too, so I will bump for you!

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 27-Oct-19 09:12:09

I'll be looking for one too shortly!

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