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Sage green kitchen

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TheFutureIs Fri 25-Oct-19 21:04:17

We're having a new kitchen fitted, we've gone with sage green cupboard doors and oak worktops. What colour(S) would you do for the walls?
Kitchen is about 3.5m2, and has 3 walls and opens into the dining room

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TiddleTaddleTat Fri 25-Oct-19 21:19:00

I'd probably go for a sympathetic off-white that tones nicely with the sage green. I'm a big fan of little greene paint (constantly recommending it on here)

TheFutureIs Fri 25-Oct-19 22:37:23

We have their swatches, probably don't want white/off white

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delilabell Fri 25-Oct-19 22:49:53

Grey or cream for me

TiddleTaddleTat Fri 25-Oct-19 23:24:32

Fair enough, I'd want something neutral to go with oak and sage green rather than another colour - greyish off white, greenish off white, etc.

Apolloanddaphne Fri 25-Oct-19 23:41:38

Something with a dusky pink undertone would work well.

RainbowMum11 Fri 25-Oct-19 23:45:03

I had sage green walls, oak work top & cream cupboards.
If you don't want off-white or cream, what do you have in your head?

NannaNoodleman Fri 25-Oct-19 23:45:22

We have sage cupboards and oak work surface. We have 3 walls that are dark green - but it's broken up with archways to the hallway and dining room, and a large window. The chimney wall is exposed brick.

I think it looks ok smile

TheFutureIs Sat 26-Oct-19 06:19:25

Was pondering pale grey on the 2 big walls and ashes of roses from little greene on the smallest wall as an accent colour.

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Chasingsquirrels Sat 02-Nov-19 18:31:32

I'm having mine done atm, sage green shaker doors and walnut worktops.
Architraving & skirting is a maghogny wood stain, doors (2) are white, radiator is white. Floors will be similar to worktops.

I've gone with brilliant white, was originally thinking cream as have dogs and was (still am) concerned about white. But tbh cream would show the dirt as much as white.

It's not all finished yet, but I love the sage against the white.

Not sure about tiles yet, but thinking might also go with white.

Kitchen opens onto conservatory, with 3 dwarf walls and 1 wall with just sides and top around the opening. Considering colour for that, currently magnolia and might stay with the same, but contemplating a sage to match the kitchen.

Astrabees Tue 05-Nov-19 13:43:33

We have a sage green kitchen. I have grey IKEA blinds. The walls are a very pale off white, excepting a little alcove where I have a sofa which I have painted a pale lemon and I've hung some nice bright pictures there.

Bowerbird5 Wed 06-Nov-19 16:55:08

I have Dimity painted cupboards, sage green Everhot and a Laura Ashley silver on one wall and their steel pussywillow paper on one with a pine dresser in front.

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