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Curtain length in bedroom

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Iwantmychairback Wed 16-Oct-19 07:54:07

I am about to start redecorating the main bedroom. It is fairy large at 16’ x 16’ and has one window currently with floor length curtains.
As I am completely changing the colour scheme I will need to buy new curtains, but am unsure whether to buy floor length or window fill length.
Obviously, shorter ones will be cheaper.
Which do you prefer and why?
I can’t imagine shorter curtains there as I am so used to long ones. I have no short curtains to ‘try’ as all other curtains in the house are full length.

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Pinkyyy Wed 16-Oct-19 07:56:20

How big is the window? And how high up from the floor? A picture would probably be best as it's hard to say without seeing.

Napqueen1234 Wed 16-Oct-19 07:57:35

Always floor length. I watch a lot of home improvement shows and they always recommend them (including Kirstie & Phil!) add height to rooms and really dress the window nicely. Short ones always look a bit off imo!

Aridane Wed 16-Oct-19 08:02:16

I would have said window length!

georgialondon Wed 16-Oct-19 08:06:55

I personally hate floor length curtains in bedrooms.

Iwantmychairback Wed 16-Oct-19 08:09:58

Quick phot added (hopefully)

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Lunaballoon Wed 16-Oct-19 08:14:09

I would always go for full length too, mainly because they’re better for blocking out the light and heat retention in the colder months.

NotMeNoNo Wed 16-Oct-19 08:17:42

If there is a radiator under the window I would use sill length curtains. Otherwise it depends on the proportion of the window and whether any furniture under it would crowd the curtains anyway. It was a thing a while ago to have floor length curtains everywhere but I think you need a decent sized window to look good.

NotMeNoNo Wed 16-Oct-19 08:19:35

Good grief the current arrangement does look a bit out of scale with the window!

wonkylegs Wed 16-Oct-19 08:20:47

Although I prefer long curtains it depends on the window and with a short one like that I would have blinds or short curtains because they look odd when open.

My bedroom curtains aren't floor length but my windows are very tall ( victorian sashes) so they do look like almost full length because the cills are very low. They sit about 6ins below the cill and can be tucked behind the radiator in cold weather.

Tableclothing Wed 16-Oct-19 08:26:09

Whatever you do, get a longer curtain rail so you can open the curtains fully. It looks like they block off quite a bit of light even when open at the moment.

I don't know if it's the colour or the pattern or the big swag over the top but agree with NotMe, the current curtains definitely don't match the window.

Pinkyyy Wed 16-Oct-19 08:26:56

After looking at the picture is say if you're going to want the drapes and tails above the curtains again, go for a shorter length. If not then floor length will be fine. It's definitely overpowering at the minute with everything else and the print.

Iwantmychairback Wed 16-Oct-19 08:47:00

Just to add, the curtains came with the house when we bought it. They are not my style at all.
I am replacing with a solid colour. No swags and tails. I’m not bothered about the curtain covering part of the window when open, as the bedroom is for sleeping in, very rarely go in during the day. I think I will need some sort of pelmet to block out the light. There are only about 5 street lights in the village, one of when is almost outside my window!

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Irisloulou Wed 16-Oct-19 13:43:46

I’m pleased you clarified that you didn’t choose them, they are the most hideous thing ever!

It’s an awkward window to dress. I agree the pole needs to be set higher and wider to balance the window. I’d go full length. I would match the curtain colour to the walls. They will be less awkward looking then.

NotMeNoNo Wed 16-Oct-19 15:29:25

Have them made up with blackout lining, it will make a big difference.

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