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Concrete ceilings - and lights

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2019change Wed 09-Oct-19 21:32:04

We have a small flat with cement ceilings. I have just been quoted several thousand pounds to put up a false ceiling so that we could get more lighting in than the very basic lightbulb lights that we currently have. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do to get more lighting into a concrete ceiling? Even if we put up a 4-5 light tracklight this would be pretty dwarfed in this flat. I have seen this problem being solved by flats going for a more industrial warehouse look with wires being visibly trailed round the flat but this really is not something that would work in our small flat. I was thinking maybe wall lights but these are so old fashioned and I have found nothing suitable on my internet searching. Thanks very much.

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Mosaic123 Fri 11-Oct-19 09:00:29

We are going to have a false ceiling put into a concrete flat as part of a big refurbishment. I'm not sure there is much of an alternative if you don't want the wires to show. I guess you could buy some floor lamps. For example one where the base is made of something heavy (marble?) and the arm curves up and then over in a big arc? Might be cheaper than a new ceiling.

2019change Fri 11-Oct-19 11:15:59

ok thanks - not much floor space as it is such a small flat but good idea. I had not appreciated what an issue concrete ceilings can be in terms of lighting.

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Mosaic123 Fri 11-Oct-19 16:43:49

Agreed, we didn't think about it either. Our flat was built in 1965.

We recently saw another concrete ceiling flat which the builders (who we might have) had done. It looked really good and it wasn't possible to see that the ceiling had been lowered.

I also think there must be possibilities of ceiling panel systems that are used by builders when converting an office building to a residential building, which is quite common nowadays.

You might find something with lengthy Googling?

2019change Sun 13-Oct-19 14:26:57

Have tried it but drawn a blank so far - spent hours and then thought I would try all the experts on Mumsnet smile

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