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Redecorate living room - colours and ideas - potentially navy sofas?

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WaxOnFeckOff Tue 08-Oct-19 19:52:29

Livingroom desperately needs redone. Currently walls are builders magnolia, floor is oak, it has a fireplace which I hate - it's a bit too big for the wall, is generally quite bland though but wood doesn't quite match the floor.

It's not a big room, reasonable square but doesn't have any completely free walls and is generally an awkward layout as it has doors or windows or radiators everywhere.

It faces east. Currently have dark red leather sofas and creamy curtains with red and grey flowers (Laura Ashley Kimono).

One of the walls where a sofa goes only has a space that can accommodate up to about 145cm. This makes it hard to find anything suitable. DH ends up making a mess so I'd prefer leather but don't want black or cream or brown. I've seen some navy ones that I quite like, don't want red again.

Have a plainish oak coffee table, and small unit and tv stand.

So, if I was to go navy with the sofas, what colour walls/curtains/rug/cushions would be good? I like colour so happy to go relatively bright with stuff that is easily changed.

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TiddleTaddleTat Tue 08-Oct-19 20:20:22

Well.. your oak floor and furniture will probably work well with most colours.
Navy sofas ... with whatever you like really. What styles do you like? Pinterest?
Small room, east facing means bright in the morning and potentially gloomy the rest of the day. You could go darker on the all colours eg. Navy walls (see recent threads on this) or dark red... natural texture in the form of baskets/logs/ etc.
Will you be doing anything with the walls ? Shelves? Art work?

WaxOnFeckOff Tue 08-Oct-19 21:22:07

Thanks, I'd love navy walls but wouldn't be able to convince DH and he is insisting on having an opinion! grin

I used to be really good at this stuff but for some reason seem to have lost the ability to make decisions confused. And yes, bright in the morning and "cosy" in the evenings. the red has worked well to be fair but we've had that for about 15 years so I'm over it.

I've bought pictures like the images attached and was thinking maybe a slightly darker wall with 9 of them done in a group to detract from a arched alcove on that wall with a door through to the family room.

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WaxOnFeckOff Tue 08-Oct-19 21:25:56

Style wise I'd probably lean towards skandi - these are the sofas I am thinking of. Wouldn't be my first choice but the best of what I can find that fits size wise.

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TiddleTaddleTat Wed 09-Oct-19 19:56:48

There are lots of colours in those artworks you could pick out and use as a wall colour. Maybe choose one neutral eg. Navy and an accent eg. Dark pink and have those throughout in various shades?

Shosha1 Wed 09-Oct-19 20:17:21

We have two navy walls. The other walls are glass. Yellow ikea sofas dark wood floor with a multicolored block rug. Red ikea chairs and orange curtains with navy tie backs. Sounds awful when I write it like that. But because the room is so light it really works

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 09-Oct-19 21:42:00

Thank you all, I'm thinking of trying to find some curtains I like that would match with the sofa and then seeing where that takes me. I waiting on the sample of the sofa material so will hopefully get a better idea of the tone.

The only paint chart I physically have is the FB one and I'm drawn to Cromarty/Mizzle but not sure that that necessarily fits with the sofa colour. Maybe Skylight? Though I also really like Green Blue or Dix Blue but maybe for a different room... Whole house needs done really .

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