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Small but comfy two-seater sofas

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Shambolical1 Thu 19-Sep-19 14:26:43

Needing to replace two ancient two-seater sofas; in order to fit in to the room space available and negotiate the journey up in the lift to my flat, new sofas need to be no wider than 142cm.

I found and bought some but was let down the day before delivery and had to cancel the order since I have to tie-in their delivery with council collection of the existing pair and having no other seating, would have been sitting on the floor until the manufacturer decided they could deliver...

Any recommendations please? Practical, hard-wearing fabric covers preferred, classic(ish) style. Most 'small' sofas sold by the big stores are still way too wide and I'm feeling a bit stuck having been let down once already.

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RitaTheBeater Thu 19-Sep-19 14:30:30

Laura Ashley have got a really neat/compact sofa. It will probably be a million pounds but I can’t remember the last time they didn’t have 40%off. I’ll see if I can find it on the website.

RitaTheBeater Thu 19-Sep-19 14:34:59

BringMoreCoffee Thu 19-Sep-19 19:22:21

John Lewis Arlo Small 2 seater. We have the "large 2 seater" and it's more like a 3.

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