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Electric Gates

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puttingitalloutandabout Sun 25-Aug-19 19:39:14

I'm just wondering if you have electric gates how much did they cost?

I have no idea at all but seriously considering an electric wooden gate at the front of my property to give some privacy.

I'm going to make some calls this week but thought I'd ask on here to give me a very rough estimate

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Folicky Mon 26-Aug-19 02:37:19

I think around £2259

Henlie Mon 26-Aug-19 12:05:16

We’ve been told that it’s around £10k. £5k to make a pair of bespoke large wooden gates. Then approx £5k on groundworks for brick pillars and the automation on the wooden gates.

I guess this will vary as to where in the UK you live and how large a gate(s) you need.

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