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Bedroom allocation bigger guest bedroom or smaller room

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Oldermummy2019 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:07:57

Our eldest has left home, she had a very big room other awkward in that is long and narrow could fit two double bedrooms. Currently has a double bed, bunk bed wardrobe etc.

My toddler is currently in a good size double room but it has better views than guest room. How would you allocate the rooms? We are not short of space downstairs.Help

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Bookworm4 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:09:28

Are you keeping a room for your eldest? Are they at uni or permanently left?

Oldermummy2019 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:17:52

Permanently left, started a new job in the city

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Bookworm4 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:22:58

I’d move toddler into bigger room as he will in time need more space, his room becomes guest room.
Is it eldest room, toddler room and another room or just the kids two rooms?

whatisit12345 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:43:27

I would move the toddler to the biggest room so there is a space for air bed or so for eldest when they visit. Other small room can be the guest room.

Oldermummy2019 Mon 19-Aug-19 21:40:32

Thank you, we have 4 bedrooms, teen and toddler still at home. That’s a good idea, toddler can share room if needed. Sorted biggest room for toddler it is. Thank you.

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Mulitudes Tue 20-Aug-19 09:15:02

Is your other teen happy with their room or have they been coveting their elder siblings room?

Would it be worth discussing it with them?

I just know if situations where this has led to resentment!

Oldermummy2019 Tue 20-Aug-19 20:41:45

Hi Mulitudes, Yes teen is happy with his room, it’s a good size and not too big like the empty one. Enough for desk, wardrobe and double bed.

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