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Linda Barker's house for sale. What do you think?

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HarriesofHarrogate Sat 10-Aug-19 11:01:15
More pics here:

It's "set" to within an inch of it's life and any hint of personally removed but what do you think? I don't like it. The kitchen would have to go (although I love the views!) and the rooms seem a little small.

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HarriesofHarrogate Sat 10-Aug-19 11:01:43

More pics

Do they work now?

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HarriesofHarrogate Sat 10-Aug-19 11:02:50

Second like here:

Third time lucky?

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youngestisapsycho Sat 10-Aug-19 11:04:26

It’s a cottage... the rooms wouldn’t be big. I think it’s quite nice.. gorgeous views.

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Sat 10-Aug-19 11:06:01

I think it’s lovely-and YRBU

Hoppinggreen Sat 10-Aug-19 11:06:19

I’m imagining sitting out on that decking might be an issue if you don’t like the smell of cow poo!!

WeeM Sat 10-Aug-19 11:08:35

that bathroom is amazing!

OtraCosaMariposa Sat 10-Aug-19 11:08:51

It's not for sale though. That article is from a year ago.

RedForShort Sat 10-Aug-19 11:11:57

I imagine it's very set for the photos!! Dont think I'd find too much fault if I was given the place!! Plus isn't 'personality' something d it discouraged when selling.

I always wonder why they are selling, they've this fabulous house - gorgeous enough to warrant a magazine article - and they want to sell it!!

Also if that's a small house and rooms there's a few million teeny-weeny houses about.

NoBaggyPants Sat 10-Aug-19 11:15:39

Beautiful views. Kitchen is awful and the bathroom is very harsh. That's a house that needs to look lived in, comfy, not staged and soulless.

HeadintheiClouds Sat 10-Aug-19 11:38:31

Awful. Love the garden, though.

JudgeRindersMinder Sat 10-Aug-19 11:44:39

Not a bit of dodgy MDF in sight 😂

tomboytown Sat 10-Aug-19 15:15:26

Most people's estate agent photos are 'set'
I think it's lovely, i wouldn't have put that tatty winter garden pic in there though!

GreyGardens88 Sat 10-Aug-19 15:20:31

It would need completely redecorating to suit my tastes, I hate all the grey. Also a bit weird how the field comes right up to the decking with no sort of boundary, I would need to put something up

BuzzShitbagBobbly Sat 10-Aug-19 15:20:32

She needs to Viakal her shower drain a bit better grin

But handy for chatting to the farmer as he ploughs!

It also got dropped £20k so it can't have been that well priced.

PancakeAndKeith Sat 10-Aug-19 15:25:23

Very underwhelming.

HerRoyalNotness Sat 10-Aug-19 15:25:33

The kitchen island is awful. I can’t work out if she only has a tiny bit of garden, ie the decking or if it extends a bit into that field area

PancakeAndKeith Sat 10-Aug-19 15:28:06

This is ages old though op.

AfterSchoolWorry Sat 10-Aug-19 15:28:49

The kitchen is downright ugly.

I'm also surprised to see those dated naughties, high backed dining chairs!

costacoffeecup Sat 10-Aug-19 15:30:26

It's beautiful. Couldn't complain. And cheap too!

Hazardtired Sat 10-Aug-19 15:32:35

I love the kitchen. envy <literal envy

GreekOddess Sat 10-Aug-19 15:33:01

It's lovely and a good price!

RightOnTheEdge Sat 10-Aug-19 15:36:39

I'm actually not keen on the view of the muddy field and it's all a bit flat.
It's strange how the decking backs straight onto the field.
I really like the front of the house though and the living room and bedroom in the photo.

User478 Sat 10-Aug-19 15:45:32

It is on the market:

Weird master bathroom (which is almost bigger than our flat!) You almost have to walk over the toilet to get in and out.
Looks like the garden might smell a little "agricultural".
Not for me.

EagleRay Sat 10-Aug-19 15:46:10

I just had a look at the listing (still on market, price reduced last year)

House is decent size but two of the bedrooms are a bit small. The decking and raised beds look really filthy!

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