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Have I got a low ceiling ? [hmm]

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ForeverReading Mon 05-Aug-19 15:01:03

Been measuring for curtains and find that the 228cm of ready mades are too long. 228cms seems the standard drop for floor lenght.

My entire drop for a floor length curtain from the coving to the floor is 225cms.

Without coving the ceiling height would be another 5-6 cms.

I never thought we had a low ceiling- it's a modernish house. I've got 19cms above the top of the doorframe to the ceiling.

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bloodywhitecat Mon 05-Aug-19 15:04:52

My ceiling height is 187cm yours is low but not that low I think.

flirtygirl Tue 06-Aug-19 19:02:47

230 cms is low and the UK standard is 240cms.

Builders now seem to build build 220 - 230cms.

Anyway 228cms would be fine as they would have a nice pool of fabric on the floor, this is a look in itself. Or hem them.

ThanksItHasPockets Tue 06-Aug-19 20:26:35

If you have pencil pleat curtains you could put the hooks in the lowest row of loops in the heading tape. It will give you a higher heading and pick them up off the floor at bit but as @bloodywhitecat says the fashion is to have them sweeping the floor and puddling slightly.

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