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furniture painting

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percheron67 Fri 02-Aug-19 17:16:17

I have been given a wooden bedframe which I hope to paint. Love Annie Sloan colours but wonder which other brands are tried and tested. This will be my first venture but hope to do more. Thank you.

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scottishdaisy Sun 04-Aug-19 10:02:54

I went to a furniture painting class a while ago - they used Frenchic paint. She used to stock Annie Sloan but reckoned the formulation wasn't as good as it had been. I've used both now - am quite lazy and Frenchic do a range with the wax already mixed in which saves finishing off with wax after you paint. From memory, if you were going to be layering up the colours to sand back you needed to use the standard paint, though....

percheron67 Sun 04-Aug-19 14:24:39

Scottishdaisy - Thank you so much. Have not heard of Frenchic before - shall now google and investigate! I shall keep this conversation and let you know how it goes. Perhaps I can put a little info your way.

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WhereDoesThisToiletGo Sun 04-Aug-19 14:26:17

I've used Rustoleum paint but used the Annie Sloan soft wax on top as Rustoleums wax is a bit harder

FeltCarrot Wed 21-Aug-19 07:17:53

I have a few old pine pieces of furniture which are waxed. Do I have to strip the wax off first? DH stripped a cabinet a few tears ago to paint and it took ages!

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