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Children’s beds

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picklepize Tue 30-Jul-19 22:56:22

Help please, my DD has broken her bed and is begging me to get her a mid sleeper (or are they called cabin beds? - the ones with storage and space for a den underneath) - any recommendations that don’t cost the earth and that will last longer than 2 years like her cheap broken bed. Thank you

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 31-Jul-19 15:26:32

we got my dd's mid sleeper second hand on gumtree. it is worth looking on there or ebay, often people are selling them on in very good condition x

titsmcgeeisonholiday Wed 31-Jul-19 15:43:21

We found a Windermere mid-sleeper for £120 in a charity shop. It's fab and I think they are only £300ish new. I'd agree you're really sensible to look for something sturdy that will last - most mid sleepers have pull out desks under so they are ideal to have through high school etc.

picklepize Thu 01-Aug-19 00:08:11

Thank you I have seen that there are a few summer sales on at the moment so think I’ll go for it. A desk would be useful and I need some extra storage too. I’ll let you know what I go for

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