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Looking for constellation wallaper

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WhereIsMyPie Sun 28-Jul-19 19:13:16

I posted about this on the local forum, but now I think this may be the correct one.

I'm desperately searching for a roll (or even half a roll) of the blue constellation wallpaper from B&Q -

I started doing a wall in my son's room. I screwed up, and now I don't have enough wallpaper to finish it. Went back to B&Q, and they've discontinued it.

I've checked eBay, Gumtree and some local Facebook groups. No joy.

If you do have some leftover from a decorating job, I would gratefully take it off your hands (happy to pay). I really don't want to remove the paper I've already put up and start again.

Thanks in advance!

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SolitudeIsHighlyOverrated Sun 28-Jul-19 23:51:24

Whereabouts are you in the UK?
It's in stock in-store in some branches, eg the Hull Road branch in York and Coatbridge in N. Lanarkshire, etc.
I'm in NI so no use to you whatsoever but some other mumsnetters may be more local and able to help. Good luck.

WhereIsMyPie Mon 29-Jul-19 08:23:18

SolitudeIsHighlyOverrated - Thank you! You're a legend!

I'm in London. I've tried London and all around. Hadn't tried York, though! Will post on the York board and see if anyone can help.

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