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3 mismatched sofas?!

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Grundoncalling Fri 12-Jul-19 08:50:23

We're moving to a bigger place and want to add a loveseat. We already have a beautiful if slightly stained 2.5 seater and loveseat, both in the same design type but different colours. The bigger sofa is in a neutral colour and the loveseat in a bolder one. We'd like to buy a new one in the bolder colour but the colour has been discontinued sad

I don't know if to buy a 3rd seat in the same style in a similar/contrasting colour, or get something else entirely? Or just wince and drop £££ on two new loveseats? I love the ones so this would be 2k we didn't need --or have--to spend

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PlanBea Sun 14-Jul-19 16:57:00

Could you get a throw in the same colour as the bolder one, get a neutral loveseat to match the sofa and put the throw over it? And maybe some matching cushions for on the sofa?

Cloudyyy Tue 13-Aug-19 23:56:11

I think three different sofas is too much! Can you get one to match the neutral sofa? If not I would get two new ones personally 🤭

RockinHippy Wed 14-Aug-19 00:06:43

You could make it work if you went with a third patterned sofa. Choose a pattern that picks up the colours in the other two sofas. If that's not possible, go for a pattern that picks up the colour of the neutral sofa & add cushions in the bold colour of your second sofa. Depending on your tastes, tartan, floral, stripes or ethnic print could work well

RockinHippy Wed 14-Aug-19 00:08:33

Oh & try & get a matching cushions or bit of fabric to make cushions I the same print. Put those on your plain sofas to balance it all out. HTH

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