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Please help me with curtains & soft furnishings/Accessories

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steppemum Wed 26-Jun-19 10:34:54

Oh that cushion is lovely.
I was going to suggest a soft leafy pattern, on white background. The green and the plants should keep you restful vibe.

Only thing is, I don't like being woken by the sun, so a blackout blind or blackout linings might be needed?

tomboytown Wed 26-Jun-19 10:29:58

William Morris patterns?
John Lewis

MovinOnUp Tue 25-Jun-19 23:50:48

I like both of those from Dunelm.

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BluntAndToThePoint Tue 25-Jun-19 21:41:58

MovinOnUp Tue 25-Jun-19 19:37:39

Thank you.Some lovely stuff on the Laura Ashley website, But nothing in the green I'm looking for.
Think I might have found a couple of trinket boxes though smile

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granadagirl Tue 25-Jun-19 19:06:53

Laura Ashley

MovinOnUp Tue 25-Jun-19 18:49:27

Finally getting round to decorating my bedroom and I just can't can't get inspired with accessories, Curtains and I would like some cushions and a throw for my bed.

The walls are white as are the bedside cabinets, The bed is a large four poster painted light sage green (F&B breakfast room is the closest colour match) Sheets and pillowcases are plain white.

I'm not a big fan of bright colours and want the room to be restful and calm looking.
I thought for cushions maybe some with different botanical prints and some plain but with interesting textures.

I'm a bit lost so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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