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Kallax or Trofast?

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MissB83 Tue 18-Jun-19 19:12:53

I'm decorating my DS' room (1) and wanted either Kallax or Trofast as a storage solution for how many kinds of toys!

Which do people find more useful?

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CusheyButterfield Tue 18-Jun-19 19:18:37

I've tried both.
You can fit loads more in kallax! The only downside is that the boxes aren't the best for teeny tiny toys, like fiddly playmobil cutlery and what not. But otherwise, I much prefer them and they're easier to repurpose as bookshelves etc as dc get older.

TheInvestigator Tue 18-Jun-19 19:23:03

We have trofast for Lego and kallax with boxes for everything else.

daisyboocantoo Tue 18-Jun-19 19:23:59

Kallax looks much nicer and will stay with them as they grow. I have trofast for art supplies

Newmum102 Tue 18-Jun-19 19:25:32

Kallax, I think you get more life out of them. They look better and store heaps

WishIwas19again Mon 24-Jun-19 13:55:27

Our children are still pre school age so we love the Trofast because they can easily pull the drawers out and we like that we can change the box sizes as they get older depending on the size of their toys

We have Kallax downstairs and agree you get more in them and they are taller too (we have a 6 cube one), which is better for older children.

They also have more variety of colour/materials for the boxes so look nicer, Trofast are definitely not pretty to look at, and the colours are dependent on the box size you choose so hard to coordinate.

Thehop Tue 25-Jun-19 13:42:02

Kallax have more longevity as can be made more grown up with doors etc over time. I’ve just built my son a bed with kallax units and it’s great! We have kallax in a few rooms and it’s very versatile.

ElectricLions Tue 25-Jun-19 19:35:03

We started with Trofast, the smallest tubs are great for art supplies (paper, crayons) and then small toys like Playmobile knights and their accessories.

The larger tubs fit in the bigger toys and are very sturdy plus hold a lot of lego.

We moved onto Kallax when the children were much older and we did get a lot of use out of the Trofast.

Whatsnewpussyhat Tue 25-Jun-19 19:40:55

If you get a trofast don't buy the white boxes. I have them for lego but hate that you can see the bricks/toys through them. Makes it look messy.

Much prefer the Kallax for toy storage. So easy to put things away and cheap to replace the boxes if you fancy a change.

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