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What style / colour of light switches are contemporary?

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thethoughtfox Mon 17-Jun-19 15:52:29

Having the hall in our home redecorated and want to update the light switches and plug fittings but don't know what style and colour is considered contemporary ie not dated! The hall will be a pale neutral, if it makes any difference.

Do people have the exact same style in every room?

Thank you

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BubblesBuddy Mon 17-Jun-19 15:58:15

I do have the same in every room. When we changed the layout on the ground floor, we changed the whole lot in the house. We had at least 4 different styles. I went for white rocker switches. They blend in with the walls. If you want something very contemporary get brushed steel. I’m so glad we have the same throughout. Also did all the doors, door handles, window furniture and locks while we were at it!

thethoughtfox Mon 17-Jun-19 16:00:39

Thank you so much. I really like the brushed steel /chrome look but was worried it would stand out too much against pale walls.

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LittleLongDog Tue 18-Jun-19 09:04:02

Dowsing and Reynolds have some really gorgeous ones if you want it to stand out.

NewtonPulsifer Wed 19-Jun-19 00:18:42

We have these and they are brilliant. We have them in silver in most of the house but white in the kitchen

GosiaFourStudio Wed 19-Jun-19 14:47:28

@thethoughtfox I personally think it all depend of what's the ambience and palette in your whole room/house. The wall colour is important but if you have everything else in natural pallet maybe you don’t want chrome or brushed switches, because they may stand out too much and you may want to blend them in a bit with the wall… or imagine if the walls are natural but everything else is dark then chrome is cool but may look to cold smile
Only switches, but a lot to think about if you want your interior to nice and consistent smile
Good luck smile

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