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Where can I buy a strong, decent looking bed frame

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mum2015 Fri 07-Jun-19 08:07:04

Budget is more than IKEA but less than Hypnos. So something like 400-700 each for double size. I already have good mattress.
Need two beds, one for girl, one for teenage boy, but would prefer something fairly neutral and not kids room furniture.

We currently have IKEA malm beds but the headboard and sides are chipped and falling off.

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Thegirlisnotright Fri 07-Jun-19 14:15:15

I know you have more than an Ikea budget, but the kopardel metal bed is great. I upgraded the base so it was better than the basic slats. If you search on Pinterest you can ways people have designed a room round it, plus being metal it goes with all colours of wood furniture

Frazzeled123 Fri 07-Jun-19 14:17:33

Try indigo - our beds form here and they're beautiful. Can't remember how much though.

Frazzeled123 Fri 07-Jun-19 14:18:55

Sorry just checked they are more for singles than I though. Sorry x

parrotfashionista Fri 07-Jun-19 16:53:30

Feather and black

PickAChew Fri 07-Jun-19 17:00:06

Try next. Ds2 has this one, in black, and it's rock solid.

mum2015 Fri 07-Jun-19 20:22:30

Thanks for suggestions. Going to look at all these options.

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SkintAsASkintThing Fri 07-Jun-19 20:29:30

I got DS a fab bed from Argos of all places, it has screw in metal bars in place of wooden slats. Think I only paid £70 or so in the sale, it's honestly the best bed he's had (( he can be clumpy and has broke many beds. Including a stompa 🙄))

This was it. It's full price now but does go in the sale.[6342827]:bottomSlider:P1:OHAT:alternative:6129033:1Fr4h7OEbCpvLgiLBGWL

DogsandBoysmeanMud Fri 07-Jun-19 20:34:27

Stupid name but genuinely great beds.

FogCutter Fri 07-Jun-19 20:37:04

I've just got DS an Argos bed and it's fabulous- really sturdy and expensive looking - was not expecting it to be for the price I paid!

mum2015 Mon 10-Jun-19 10:14:01

Argos bed is looking good for my DD. DS is not keen on white one.

Getlaidbeds have very nice beds. Any idea if they have a showroom. They even have European size beds which makes me think may be I can get a new bed for myself too!

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DogsandBoysmeanMud Mon 10-Jun-19 17:40:52

They have a workshop and show room in Leicester and an address in London. They are very helpful on the phone too

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