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Cover for carpet, in art corner

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BluntAndToThePoint Tue 04-Jun-19 12:15:39

We used this type of product when our kids were younger.
150 cm x 150 cm.
You'll find loads on Amazon and Ebay.

itbemay1 Mon 03-Jun-19 21:46:45

Roll and stroll, it's in strips but you can overlap it. Sticks well to carpet. We had it down for around 6 weeks once and was still stuck well. Bought it from screwfix.

NotMoreMinecraft Mon 03-Jun-19 21:26:04

My child has a carpet in her bedroom. Loves art. Used to paint in a different room. This is not now possible ( extra people in house...). Will be this way for a year, can’t change carpet.

How do I protect carpet? I’ve seen plastic runners but they are narrow. Would a plastic table cloth on ground work? Could I put a piece of Lino on top of carpet. What would stay flat and not be a trip risk?
Thanks in advance

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