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Bay window voile or net help

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Cpearce24 Thu 02-May-19 09:59:20

I’m really struggling to work out what to do with our front window. We have a square bay window with a radiator under it and a stupidly big tv (hubbys choice🙄). I need to & want to replace the curtains and the nets shrunk in the wash. Also we are on a main Rd. Any suggestions on what to do will be greatly appreciated. I can't attach photos ☹️

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MsMamaNature Thu 02-May-19 15:09:16

A friend has these:
The thin layer acts as a privacy screen during the day so she can see out but no one else can see in (she lives in a cul-de-sac where the local kids gather outside her house) and the second layer is blackout. She has curtains on a bay window curtain pole too.

Runkle Thu 02-May-19 15:11:27

I was going to suggest those or these - . don't get a voile or net.

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