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Farrow & Ball colour match kitchen paint

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shalalala Wed 01-May-19 21:50:57

Can anyone recommend or let me know where I can get Farrow & Ball colour matched in kitchen paint? Thanks v much

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dontcallmelen Wed 01-May-19 22:00:15

Hi Johnson’s would probably be you’re best bet, as they colour match not sure if they do all the paint finishes though.

bilbodog Wed 01-May-19 22:20:09

You just need to find a good paint shop that offers a matching service then i think they normally match any colour.

BluntAndToThePoint Wed 01-May-19 22:46:04

This should help:

StillNumb Mon 13-May-19 17:58:50

I've just bought some Valspar from B&Q matched to Farrow and Ball French Grey. Not used it yet, but the sample they made up was nice although this was just flat matt.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sat 18-May-19 00:17:36

We went to an independent paint shop, and they recommended a scrubbable crown paint. Not sure what production, but I'm really pleased with the results. Normally I go for Johnsons.

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