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Help! So many decisions

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Daphnesmate Wed 01-May-19 15:52:31

Hi, We have a new extension being built shortly. I don't have many people in r.l. to bounce ideas off for one reason and another and need opinions please. I am also going to post this in DIY forum for more responses.

Floor - have decided on engineered wood but what type, I think we need lacquered because it is partially for the kitchen and we want it to be uniformed throughout but there seems to be so much choice. DH said not brushed, help can anyone give any insights into this please and what you went for in the end.
And speaking of floors - underfloor heating or not, modern design with lots of glazing and should be well insulated. It seems to cost a small fortune to install and we're not sure it really justifies the cost (thinking of installing a couple upright type radiators).

Minimalist design of kitchen planned matt white units and graphite grey worktops with wooden flooring and walls to start off will be white, with large family photos on one wall. Any ideas for softening it up a bit - it is a fairly large space and will contain dining table and corner settee, we have to be semi-sensible because we have young kids and I detest clutter - maybe just stay minimal - colour of new settee, it might be daring to go bold but then again, young kids to consider at the moment. Anyone got a minimalist kitchen but injected colour via furniture or furnishings?

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BluntAndToThePoint Wed 01-May-19 16:20:42

Avoid very light coloured sofas with young kids - I speak from experience with a cream leather sofa many years ago. Go fairly dark with the sofa (it will hide a multitude of sins) and go bright with rugs, artwork, cushions, throws, curtains, Roman blinds, etc. Further down the line after living with your white walls for a while you could introduce colour with paint - you get a better feel for what you want after living in the space for a while.
I'm not a big fan of underfloor heating because when/if it goes wrong it can cause a small fortune to fix - also speaking of that from bitter experience. With strategically placed radiators and modern insulation methods I don't think it's a life necessity in the UK (assuming you're in the UK).
Lacquered floors are generally tougher BUT if they get damaged or scratched they are more difficult to repair. This article should explain it better than me. (I might side with your husband on this one, sorry!)

Rachelo1992 Wed 01-May-19 19:28:12

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Daphnesmate Wed 01-May-19 19:54:53

Thanks for your suggestions so far, I know a lot of it is about personal taste but it is useful to get website links etc and to hear what decisions others have made. I'm starting off bland and then adding colour to the walls and I did think about adding some plants so that is a really useful link Rachelo.

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Rachelo1992 Wed 01-May-19 20:38:27

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