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Modern Fire

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LMW1990 Mon 29-Apr-19 18:23:12

We are moving into a new (to us) rented property at the end of May. The living room has a modern fire (think glass, mirrored, electric, remote control).

I'm not a fan. I prefer a nice traditional fire place with surround and hearth where am I going to stand my birthday card?

Does any one have a fire like this with a surround or would it look odd?

It looks a bit lost on the wall at the moment but this might be because the rooms are empty.

Looking for inspiration!

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BluntAndToThePoint Thu 02-May-19 01:16:08

Pinterest has these as suggestions. The placement of floating shelves/mantle pieces above or below the fire would depend on the position of the vents on the fireplace (so as not to disrupt the heat flow).

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