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Freestanding bath

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pancakes22 Sat 27-Apr-19 23:25:25

I think I may be asking the impossible but... does anyone know of any freestanding baths that have a kind of ledge or shelf still built in? I absolutely adore the idea of having a beautiful freestanding bath in front of the window but practically speaking I know that my DD loves playing with her bath toys on the little ledge of the bath like making bubble cakes or playing with little bath people and that there is going to have to be storage for that too. Does anyone know or have any designs where you still get practical use for kids but it also still looks lovely!

I did say I was asking the impossible!! grin

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HoobleDooble Sat 27-Apr-19 23:34:33

Would one of those bath rack/tray things that you put across the middle of the bath be any good? My friend has one for her freestanding bath for her wineglass and book.

MsMamaNature Sun 28-Apr-19 14:53:41|1500_x_780

minipie Mon 29-Apr-19 15:24:45

How about a back to wall bath (also called D shaped)? They have most of the look of a freestanding bath from the front but with one side that attaches to the wall, so there is a ledge. Also importantly they won’t allow drips and splashes down the side to collect between the bath and wall!

pancakes22 Fri 03-May-19 14:41:24

Wow you are all amazing! Thank you so much for those suggestions that's great x

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Kestrelsky72 Sun 05-May-19 13:33:06

Yes, you can get back to the wall double ended roll tops. I think Victorian plumbing have one.

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