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Johnstones Paint - Midnight Sapphire

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youvegottobekidding Mon 22-Apr-19 21:38:33

Just to update if anyone is interested. I did a test, it is a very very dark blue, I'd say it's probably not far off F&B railings. I went ahead a did a wall. Not F&B quality, the depth/pigment isn't quite F&B but after two coats it's dried to a satisfactory finish, for £11, I can't grumble.

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youvegottobekidding Mon 22-Apr-19 16:16:52

Browsing in B&M today & got this, so it's not going to give me the F&B finish by any means but at £11 a tin I couldn't resist. There were no tester pots, will try on a price of paper first, I don't mind if it's very dark or navy blue just don't want bright/royal or purple blue. If it's shit will just have to pass it on! Anyone tried this shade before?

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