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Dulux rock salt, white cotton, polished pebble

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Swinginghigh Sun 21-Apr-19 14:15:32

Has anyone used polished pebble and rock salt together? I’m thinking of using in my hallway but don’t know if grey is dated?

I’ve also used timeless in the past in my lounge but fancy a change? Has anyone used white cotton? I need a warm white rather than a cool blue toned white.

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MaybeitsMaybelline Sun 21-Apr-19 14:23:50

No, but I’ve got polished pebble in the conservatory and it doesn’t look grey at all. It looks white. Maybe because it’s bright room.

TitusP Sun 21-Apr-19 14:41:43

I have white cotton in some of my rooms, in the south facing rooms it's a lovely soft white with almost a tiny grey tinge. In my east facing room it's hard to distinguish from the pure brilliant white on the ceiling.

Blackandpurple Mon 22-Apr-19 22:06:35

I have Goose Down and its bloody blue! Dont use it!

hopeishere Mon 22-Apr-19 22:07:53

I have cloudburst and love it! Was recommended on here!

Killerqueen2244 Sat 27-Apr-19 20:12:09

We’ve got rock salt in a north facing room, it’s a nice grey tinged white and I would say it’s on the cool side.

fudesina Sun 28-Apr-19 23:55:07

I've chosen jasmine white for my hallway. Would stay away from grey as it's had its day.

Creams, browns, wood and wicker are making a come back (so my interior design friends tell me!)

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