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Stair runner and carpet help!!

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Poddingtonp Sun 14-Apr-19 20:12:24

Hi home decoration folk smile
What does your stair runner look like if you have one, and how does it look when it meets your landing ?
We are currently choosing a plain , oatmeal carpet for two upstairs bedrooms and landing. I’ve got a few samples by Cormar and similar brands. We’ve got indoor cats so going with a man made fibre rather than wool (much to my mil’s horror ).
However, we also want a runner for the stairs but in my head I want something with more of a pattern. A lot of these are wool /wool mix .
So can I also ask if you have a runner, did you opt for the same carpet as other rooms but just made narrower, or did you change material - eg to wool for your runner? I’m worried about the cats pulling it but they offer more choice eg stripes etc.
Thanks !

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MrsBobDylan Mon 15-Apr-19 14:44:53

We went same carpet as other rooms, whip stitched to become narrower.

We went for man made because it can be steam cleaned whereas wool can be damaged by the heat.

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